Speaking of discord, The Tooniverse also has one that you can join as well. And I plan on using Misskey’s features to help tie the two together.

Join at discord.gg/D7K9YZdV

All in all. My reasons for moving include Misskey’s advanced features. Including longer posts, markdown support, enhanced privacy features, as well as many more such as the ability to sign in with your discord account.

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while you won’t be able to import your posts, you will be able to import your followers, blocked, and muted users at toony.club/settings/export

I would recommend doing so if you wish to keep those and any media you uploaded here that you don’t already have a copy of.

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Anyway, after evaluating Misskey, I would like to announce that The Tooniverse will be moving to it as well as going under a new domain of thetooniverse.xyz

On the 25th of August, the Mastodon instance (here), will be given a tootctl self destruct, wiping it’s data and presence off the Fediverse. I will then be setting toony.club to redirect to the new instance shortly afterwards. While I can’t garuentee that this will redirect mentions. It’ll make getting to the instance a bit easier

Just found out that Misskey also has password less login as well using FIDO2. That is very much welcomed

Part of me want's to switch over to calckey. The other part of me want's to first get a grip on Misskey first

The grass is always greener on the other side I guess

So, anyway. I’m here. I think I might explore more of misskey tomorrow and see what it can do. Chances are very likely that I might also migrate everyone here since it also seems a lot more affordable given that misskey has an option to not cache images. And instead rely upon grabbing stuff.

Wow I'm impressed by Misskey. Just hoping that it has some room for object storage. Or hopefully, unlike mastodon. It doesn't cache everything


Furries try not to have the weirdest fetishes you've ever seen for a whole 5 minutes *IMPOSSIBLE*



Ngl tho, this instance feels like my own digital home. A digital third place

Guess I'll give it one more go at installing misskey before bed

Just kinda envious seeing everything over on the instance of @thatonecalculator .

I honestly picked Mastodon because it was what I first heard of back in April when Elon Musk announced he was buying twitter

I don't know if I could switch to Misskey. I mean I kinda want to given what I've heard. But I'm not sure how everyone else here would feel about that + I don't know how to migrate everything.

I was unable to setup Misskey qwq.

Maybe ill try again some other day. Perhaps I can find some extensions for Mastodon or something. Maybe experiment with the glitch fork.

I hope that Misskey is good. If I like it, maybe I'll figure out a way to migrate everything from mastodon to it.

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Having a bit of trouble setting up Misskey. Mainly just using the setup script

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